Motivation and Misplaced Attentions

I had this unnatural urge to write this post as an update to the continuing gun control saga, but realized it would accomplish nothing. So, I've decided to write about something nearly everyone can relate to; something everyone suffers from, or suffers a lack of.

We are now half-way through the first month of the new year. How many of you are still running toward your resolutions? I ran for a few minutes on January first, but then I got a cramp and I've been walking toe-to-heel ever since. It's not that I don't want to follow through on my self-induced commitments, I've just lost the push, the strength of conviction, the motivation.


The word has its origins from the Latin word 'Mover' which means 'To move.'

Think of it as proverbial carrot on a stick one might use to get a beast of burden to move forward. But, for people, or rather, individuals, there must be some other component. I studied motivation from a management perspective for many years throughout my military career and, from an academic angle while pursuing an MBA. In those instances, such things were discussed as: incentives, duty, benefits, advancement. That works fine when managing others, but what is it that makes a person (on an individual level) put one foot in front of the other time after time?


I believe drive is what pushes a person forward on personal level. But what drives, drive?

Desire, Greed

Yes folks, I hate to disappoint, but it is that little monster that moves, or motivates the individual. If one is told they may get a promotion if they do certain things, they will likely be motivated to do those things but, deep inside, hidden within the caverns of their Id, that promotion represents money to buy their baby mama a new pair of shoes, admiration given by others, or simply a change in status or elevation of their social position.

So you see, desire and greed can be good things. It's okay to 'want' something as long as one is willing to work for it -- As long as it provides motivation to move forward.

Now, you know I'm going to have to tie this into writing somehow. On a personal level, I ask myself, "Why am I lacking motivation?" Is it because I do not want for anything? I know that's not it. I want plenty. That want drives (or motivates) me to write other 'adult' material under a pen name. Why? Because it sells. Now as far as art goes, I do try to employ thoughts, themes, and positive outcomes into that work but sometimes it's not enough.

So this year I suppose I'll just have to double-down on my writing and spend more time working on my mainstream stuff. I have so many ideas they seem to overflow and keep me awake at night. Of course most of them will not work out but there are always that precious few story ideas that speak to me and make feel like they will speak to others.

In other words, I'm hoping to find motivation through a desire to produce more meaningful, more mainstream work with artistic value. I know it's not monetary, but nowadays money doesn't seem to matter much. It seems the harder I work to make more, the more is lost in new taxes, so I choose to get back to my roots and write for my own satisfaction. Of course, I'll continue to write adult stuff to because, after all, mama does like her shoes.

So, what about you? What drives you? Is it money? Politics? Love? Fame? Or, is it something else entirely?


  1. Add some ranch dressing to those carrot sticks and I could find some motivation. Usually, I'm pretty lazy though. I'm still wondering when I'll get started on my resolutions :(



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