Still Hanging in There

Don't worry folks, I haven't sailed over the edge of our flat Earth or won the State Lottery and forgotten my former life (that's right, my state doesn't have a lottery) and am still alive and kicking.

Lately, I've been rather preoccupied with finishing the draft of a new novel. It was written under my pen name but don't worry Grandma, this one is not erotica. I will sell this book in the paranormal romantic suspense genre. Why yes, of course it has werewolves. Would you expect me to write anything else? I save the science fiction and mystery for my real name.

Anyway, I'm back now, and with this being an election year AND an Olympics year, I'm sure I will have much to opine.


  1. I am more into werewolves than vampires. And paranormal sound wonderful.

    Good luck JL.


  2. Donna, thanks for responding to my post. I thought for awhile there maybe we had some kind of secret zombie apocalypse that I was not made aware of.

    I had no idea you liked the whole werewolf thing. If there is anything left at all after this thing gets through editing, I'll send you a review, or advance reader copy. That is, if you would like.


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