Crazy Friends in my Head

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine. I've known her for awhile now, although she just recently moved here from New York, where her short-lived college education preceded an equally short-lived career as a model.

Her family lives in Dothan Alabama, and that's why she's here-It's hard to live in New York with no job and no money, so she moved back to her home town to get her feet back on the ground. Her family is rather peculiar, being of Irish descent and a prior military family. Her father settled in the local area after his military career where he completed a second career as a local police officer and detective. Her mother has worked on and off over the years whenever need but mostly just spends her time supporting the local Catholic Church and perfecting her superpower.

What's her superpower, you ask? She has the uncanny ability to bring guilt into the mind and body of every person coming within twenty feet of her.

My friend's name is Katherine Mary McKendry but everyone just calls her Kat.

It seems she's found herself in some trouble. I know, she just recently arrived home, how could she have found trouble already? Well, Just like her mom has the superpower of casting guilt upon the unsuspecting, Kat has the ability to quickly find herself some trouble, no matter where she goes. Now, it seems she's found trouble that may land her in jail, or even cost her, her life.

Here's just really, really short synopsis of how she found this latest trouble. No, I really mean it. This story won't take long at all, so hold on to your britches and keep reading.

Just about a week after she arrived back in her old stomping ground, her best friend from high school invited her to her house for some kind of soiree her husband was throwing for his recent promotion to district manager of the local bank chain.

It was there that Kat witness her best friend's husband fall to the floor, convulse, and die. It didn't take long for the medical examiner to rule his death as homicide from poisoning, and all evidence pointing to his wife as the perpetrator. Now her best friend is sitting in jail. She's asked, no, she pleaded for Kat to help her and swore she did not kill her own husband.

Now, Kat being Kat decided to take on her friend's request and become her only advocate in the quest to find her innocence. Of course, she has no idea what she's doing and has already gotten herself put on the police suspect list.

Oh, one other thing - Kat only exists in my mind. She's a fictitious character I've been working with for years now in my attempt to complete a mystery/amateur sleuth novel that refuses to get out of my head. I have a whole list of unique (some might even say flat, one-dimensional, and stereotypical) characters to work with but my plots still seem to fall short. I've written this thing in first-person, third-person, past-tense, present-tense, you name it. I always seem to peter out by about thirty thousand words.

But this Summer my friends, this summer I swear I'll push through the barrier and come up with something brilliant (if only brilliant to me) to show for my work. So, don't be surprised if some of my future posts are laced with these characters and sprinkled with all that writing stuff.


  1. Sometimes our fictional characters seem more real than real people are.

  2. Juicy! Sounds like an interesting read. I'm having a plot problem myself.



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