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Lately, I've seen many of my blogging friends posting at other blogs, or participating in blog hops. I must now ask, What the heck is a blog hop?

I now understand, more than ever, what a complete blogging newb I am. I don't really understand what a blog hop, blog tour, blog challenge, guest blog, or any of these things are.

Can someone please shed some light on how all this stuff works? If you would like, I would even let you post an article here as a guest blogger.

All these things never really made an appearance on my radar until just yesterday when I read an article on promoting your written work and building an audience. One of the key items mentioned was participating in a blog tour/guest blog.

So, here it is, my rant for the day. Okay, not a rant, really. More a plea for help or a teacher to enlighten me on all things blog.

Comments welcome.


  1. A blog hop is when several bloggers decide ahead of time to post on similar topics the same day. That way, they go and visit one blog after another (they usually post links to the other blogs) and that way invite their readers to join in reading all the blogs.
    Often that same group regularly schedules bloghops, with particular topics. I think it's similar to a blog chain.

    A blogfest is when there is a sign up and usually a much larger number of people blogging on a single topic on a single event day. The A-Z is a blogfest that goes for a whole month.

    I think that's what they mean!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. I'm still a little consfuse as to the purpose for the bloghop or blogfest. Is it primarily to increase readership and visibility? I can see how it can help promote a new blogger or gain followers for a seasoned blog.

    I guess there's just so much I need to know about this new world. It's as if I'm reaching that age where I struggle to move forward as technology gets away from me. Kind of like my father was when the Compact Disk first came out. When he died, and I went to clean out his house, he still had 8-tracks although the player was long gone.

  3. Lets see if I can get to the end this time before it disconnects me...

    Blog hops, blog tours (blog hops reviewing something, like a new book, often by arrangement with the author or publisher in return for a free book), blog fests, and random posting on other people's blogs serves several purposes, the primary one being to connect to fellow bloggers. Beyond that, the reasons are as varied as the reasons for blogging in the first place: to share/teach, to advertise, to connect to new potential readers through fellow bloggers who have readers that might be interested in your blog, too, to have something to write if you enjoy writing but aren't getting local inspiration, to try to get a response and start a discussion, which gets us back to connecting.


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