Writing Space

I'm so pleased to announce that, for Christmas this year, my wife made me a writing office. I'm so excited that I just have to tell everyone about it here on my blog.

This first picture shows the office from the entrance. Of course, the office was made from a bedroom in our house, left vacant by one of our, now grown-up kids. We repainted the walls, put up new curtains. My wife bought me a new desk, chair, and book shelf.

I know the office seems a little sparse right now, but just give me six months and it will be cluttered full of notes like all writer's offices should be. I'm really liking the office so far. Just yesterday, I woke up early and pounded out a couple hundred words before the coffee finished brewing.

The second picture shows the office as seen from the far wall (with the window) looking back toward the door. Barely visible on the right side, is one of my guitars. Now I can pluck away in peace while conjuring up inspiration for a current story.

The only thing is: Now, I'm really feeling the pressure to make some real progress. Speaking of progress, these are some of my goals for 2012.
  1. I would like to get more organized both at home and at work. I think this office will help me do this because I am motivated to keep my writing space looking neat and functional.
  2. I would like to finish a novel I'm working on now, and make substantial progress on at least two other story ideas. One of the things I would like to make progress on (or maybe even finish) is my, forever in progress mystery crime story that I believe will develop into a series. I'm sure at least local folks will like it because it takes place in a town nearby, involves a philandering and powerful man, a vengeful woman, poison, and a friend caught in the middle.
  3. I would like to publish something under my real name again, although I still have to maintain my pen name audience.
There it is. My goals for the new year. I don't like to call them resolutions, as they may change, grow, or even disappear.

What about you? What are your goals for the next year? I know that, oftentimes, writing goals are hard to achieve but, for me anyway, I know that having a dedicated writing space will surely help. I'm so grateful.


  1. Office looks nice! I'd need a stereo and a TV as well. (Yes, I really do write with both going.)
    Hope you hit your goals! My big one is to finish my third book by the summer.

  2. I love that your wife views your writing as important to you, and thus important to her. My husband still views it as a hobby. I think the room is amazing. Happy writing!


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