First off, let me apologize for my recent absence in the blogosphere. We took a short vacation this weekend and went south of the border. No, we did not splurge, and eat dinner at our local Taco Bell, We drove to South Florida to attend the wedding of a relative.

I must give proper thanks to my cousin for inviting us to this wonderful wedding. We had a great time celebrating the union of two great people, danced like we were young again (I'm tellin' ya, we were "crunk" dancing and everything) and learned much about our extended families, and ourselves. I will not post pictures of the wedding as I have not asked permission to do so, but suffice it to say, I was a truly fabulous wedding. My personal thanks go out to the Bride's family for doing such a great job with the preparations.

I would like to report that I found, what might arguably be, the best Cuban sandwich in Miami. One can find many reviews for this place on the web, but I will add my own.

Our mid-morning started with a leisurely drive from Deerfield Beach, South into Miami. We left the freeway and found ourselves in a, uh, transitional part of the city. We were just a little apprehensive when we found the little cafe and had to drive another block or so to park streetside in what could've been an alleyway. Nonetheless, there were still meters available to take our money for the privelage of parking.

The outside of the building is unassuming but welcoming. Inside, the place was packed, but we lucked out and found a table right away.

Of course, I ordered the Sandwich Cubano. They offered two varieties: one on a croquette, and one on fresh-baked cuban bread. I chose the cuban bread.

My wife ordered the Sandwich de Pavo (Turkey Sandwich) with lettuce, cheese, and tomato.

The meal came with traditional fried plantains. We decided on the Tostones (Green Plantains) since we had just eaten Maduros (Sweet Plantains) the night before. Hey, I know what you're thinking, "Cuban two times in a row?" but, we don't get much cuban in Southeast Alabama.

The service was quick, the staff friendly (despite the place being severely overcrowded, but in a good way) and the prices were more than fair. I was most impressed!

So, if you ever find yourself at 186 N.E 29th Street in Miami, Florida, You just have to make it a point to stop at Enriquetas Cafe for the best Cuban, or Pavo around. But, if a sandwich is not your style, they offer many other traditional choices as well. Plus they make a cup of coffee that might as well be crack cocaine, it's so addictive.