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Some of you may (or may not) know that I write some, uh, more adult, stories under a pen name. I just opened another blog dedicated to those stories. If you are interested or would like to follow me and my work under my pen name:  Ellison James, please go here.

On this blog, I will post story excerpts, news of upcoming stories, character profiles and special secret deals not found anywhere else. Take a look I think you will like, yes?

P.S. The picture listed above is a hint for an upcoming story featuring my character, Azra (yes, the succubus) influencing a historical event. Can you possibly guess what it could be? Who are these four beauties?


  1. Surprised you don't use a woman's name.
    Missed you in yesterday's music blogfest.

  2. I chose Ellison James because I thought it was more "gender Neutral" but I didn't want to completely deceive readers so I simply used a derivative of my own name.

    Sorry about missing the blogfest. I had my list all made out with pictures and everything, but then got overwhelmed at work, and later, at home, and couldn't post them.

  3. All success to you on the upcoming publication. :D


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