Matthew knew the day he would die. He knew the love that would be by his side when he died. He'd known since his twelfth birthday when he woke on that spring day, with an epiphany. There was no other way to explain it--he just woke up knowing.


What if you knew the day you were going to die. What if you knew your time was limited and you knew how much time you had, exactly, to accomplish whatever it was you wanted with your life?

Would you become depressed and give up, waiting for that fateful day to arrive? Would you jam your life into high gear and try to do as much as possible in the time you have?

Tell me what you think about this.

I thought about this very thing this weekend, and wondered what I would do. I think, in the end, I would try to make the most of the life I have.

What if you were given some divine knowledge as to exactly when, and under what circumstances, the world, as we know it, would end? Would you try to convince others of your knowledge?

Just something to ponder ... discuss.


  1. What a scarey concept! Guess I'm too chicken to face the reality. I remember the tv show "Run for Your Life" with Ben Gazarra. He knew he was terminal and rather than spend the time in the hosp, he chose to be a vagabond. That show had a profound effect on me when I was young, but that was then...

    I had a friend who had scleroderma. She kept asking the doctors how long she had, and they would never tell her. One day -- in frustration -- she complained to me about it. My response: "Just think about it for a minute. If they say you have 3 years to live; you'll spend the next 3 years thinking that you have only 3 years to live." She finally stopped asking, and managed to live for 10 years. I hope they were good years.

    Sorry for the book, but "somethings" just "hit harder" than others.

  2. We are all supposed to live like we have 30 days left. (which is very hard to actually do)

    My entire church did a study on this based on the book One Month to Live by Kerry and Chris Shook. If you want to check out the website:

    Basically, stop running the rat race, re-prioritize your life, do what you love, and leave a legacy behind you in the people whose lives you touch. :)


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