Putting the "Poe" in Poem

I've been reading some works from Edgar Allen Poe lately. In fact, I've got his complete works on order and on the way right now.

Some folks also know that I occasionally write some poetry. Not necessarily good poetry ... but it works for me. So, here's a poem that starts in the vein of Poe, but instead of it being a dark, scary, morbid thing, I thought I would try to skew it as an erotic or love poem of sorts.

Dark against the moon's pale light
Charcoal ravens taking flight
Through the veil of resting sight
I dreamt of her again last night

Never knowing from whence she came
So very softly whispering my name
A lover's bed from which we lain
Without regret and without shame

I wake to find my dream a lie
Weary in heart I heavily sigh
Remembering flecks of gold within her eye
Hoping that my dream won't die

In the second stanza, I wanted to add the line "In her excitement she sometimes says dang" but didn't think it would fit with the rest of the work. Seemed like a good idea at the time though.