Month of February Closes

Here it is, the last day of February. February is a strange and wonderful month of transition. The name "February" comes from the latin term "Februum" and it means "Purification."

It is said that the Romans peformed purification rituals on or about the 15th day of February. That being said, the Romans did not originally have February in their calender (or January for that matter) because it fell in the winter, and they considered winter to be a monthless period, whatever that means.

It is also interesting to note that February is the month chosen to have only twenty eight days. Of course, we all know this is because, when the gregorian calendar was invented, the math didn't work out so they just took a few days off of February to make it work.

It's funny that February has twenty nine days every leap-year. Here's another interesting, if not completely useless tidbit of information: Leap years fall on all years divisible by four (except 100 and 400).

Some notable days in February:

2 February - Groundhog day
14 February - Valentine's day

20 February - My anniversary of marriage, which, by the way, I missed this year because I got confused and thought we were only going to celebrate our other anniversary in May. Stupid me, I should have known that we always celebrate all of our anniversary days. Why two anniversaries? It's a long story and, by my first post, you must know that I don't like to write much. LOL

Third Monday - President's day

Here's one that most folks are not familiar with:

26 February - Kuwait Liberation Day. That's Ok folks, the Kuwaiti's don't seem to remember it either.

And, of course, The month of February is dedicated as Black History Month.
Hey, don't knock it folks, without Black History Month we would never know that the traffic light and the adjustable wrench were invented by Black Men. So for all you folks out there that think that Black folks are somehow lower on the evolutionary food chain than others, why didn't a White person, or Asian, Hispanic, or Native American invent the adjustable wrench? Think about that!

Some famous people born in February:

Bob Marley
Charles Lindberg
Dan Quayle - Oddly enough, Potato's are normally planted in this month.
George Harrison - you know, the Beatles?
Drew Barrymore
James Joyce
Charles Darwin - credited for the theory of evolution but, oddly, he didn't believe in evolution as we think of it now.
Michael Bloomberg - that rich guy who owns a network and is mayor of New York City.

Oh yeah. Paris Hilton was also born in February, but she's not even really there if she stands sideways, so I didn't include her in the list above.

And now, this will be my last post for the Month of February. Come to think of it, Shouldn't I have done this post for the Month of March?

P.S. Why yes. Paris does have her hand in her bikini bottoms.
My guess? It's probably a little itchy down there.


  1. Hello, J.L. I saw your post on Critique Circle (I'm waterloon) and thought I'd check out your blog. I like it. Really good stuff. I love your rambling, laid back style.

    Keep churning it out and I'll keep reading it! Where abouts in the Southeast are you from? I grew up in Alabama, y'all.

    I'll check out your stuff on CC as well.


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