Thursday, April 10, 2014

Remette, The Family Typewriter

Ohh, I'm so excited. My newly purchased typewriter just arrived. I'm proud to announce the newest marvelous machine to my collection--The Remington Remette.

Here it is. The diminutive and sporty Remette.

Just like those tiny little sports cars of yesteryear, this machine is stripped to the bones. If you want a platen knob on the left side, or even a warning bell for when your typing reaches the end of the pages, you'll have to purchase the 'deluxe' model.

As you can see in the picture above, the little typewriter worked great. This little bit was typed before cleaning. The only thing I'd done at this point was replace the ribbon.

Here's a typecast sample of the machine's handiwork:

This was the only advertisement I could find for the little Remette typewriter. Funny how typewriter companies put so much into advertising around Christmas. Most folks buying a typewriter during the depression would purchase them on some kind of payment plan, often paying a small amount weekly or bi-weekly. It might be hard to imagine now, but in those days, it was difficult to justify spending $29.75 on a typewriter. It would be the equivalent to spending $2,000 dollars on a computer today. Surely not unheard of, but not pocket change either.

On the left is a short poem I whipped up on my new machine. It's worth noting how a typewriter can inspire and motivate. For people of my age, the typewriter represents something from their youth, before the age of computers and smart phones.