Officially Obsessive

 I guess it is official. With four typewriters now, I must be a collector.

I must be obsessive.

But in my defense (psychotic, obsessive, narcissistic, people often try to defend themselves) my last typewriter was one I chose to refurbish. No, I went a little further than simple refurbishing and pimped that baby out!

What once was a drab desert sand colored artifact from the late fifties is now a sleek shiny metallic hot rod serving as the pride of my otherwise stock collection.

Here's the typecast from this new beauty with the old-possibly original-ink ribbon still installed. Just received a new ribbon in the mail today but haven't put it in and taken it for a test-drive yet.

In case the first picture was not enough to get you as excited as I am about this wonderful clockwork machine, here's more:

I must say, mere pictures simply cannot provide due justice to the finish and metallic reflections on this typewriter. I brought this one all the way down to bare metal and refinished it as if it were an expensive low rider project in a custom body shop.

And here's one for all those weirdo's out there into typewriter porn-a picture of what's "under the hood."

Why yes, that is sparkly felt lining the inside of that cover. It's all about the bling!

And lastly, here's what it originally looked like: