Tom Cruise and The End of the World

It's official. Tom Cruise is set to trumpet in the end of the world. That is, if you believe in that sort of thing. How is it that Tom Cruise can have anything to do with the end of the world, you might ask? To answer, I must digress just a little, and fill you in on some background.

Le'me esplain.

I'm a big fan of the Jack Reacher series, written by Lee Child. I've read every one his books have since grown to love the predictable yet always entertaining characters.

Jack Reacher is a mountain of a man, former military, and now professional badass, he travels America on his debit card and finds himself in a new town on occasion. Wherever he lands though, he always seems to find trouble, or at the very least, injustice. He stands nearly six foot five inches tall, weights over two hundred-twenty pounds and has hands like a catcher's mitt. Basically, he's like an over sized James Bond without the refinement--my kind of person.

Not unlike other successful books, one of Jack Reacher books has been optioned for a movie. Well ladies and gentleman, filming has recently wrapped and the movie is now in post production. How does Tom Cruise fit into all of this? He's the actor casted to play the part of Jack Reacher. Remember me mentioning earlier that Jack Reacher was nearly six and a half feet tall?

It boggles my mind that they somehow managed to cast the diminutive Tom Cruise in this part. Are they going to use whatever technology they used in Lord of the Rings to make the rest of the cast look smaller? Is he going to stand on a box or something? I don't know but what disturbs me even more is that Lee Child is not only aware of the casting choice, he's okay with it.

The only saving grace to this disturbing news is that they've also casted Rosamund Pike in the movie. It took me some time to remember where I'd seen her before, then it came to me like a day dream during math class. She starred in the James Bond movie "Die Another Day" opposite Halle Berry. She was the blonde bombshell that played a needy little confused school girl until she turned out to be a baddy in the end. Of course, by then, she'd already had her way with James Bond. Or, did he have his way with her, I can't remember.

I suppose I'll just have to trust the judgement of the director in their choice of cast, but the movie is set to open on December 21, 2012 and I'll be all kinds of upset if my last evening in the world is spent watching Tom Cruise attempt to play someone twice his size in a movie!

Is it coincidence that Tom Cruise plays Jack Reacher in a movie coming out on the world's last day (according to the Mayans)? I just hope my money's not wasted on the movie. Oh yeah, I'm going to see the movie!