All Hallo's Saint's Day Eve

Happy Halloween everyone.

That being said, ever wonder why we wish others a 'happy' Halloween? Halloween, although nothing like we see today originated along with ancient religions and belief systems. Pagans celebrated Halloween as a day where the dead walked among the living.

The concept of wearing scary costumes came from a need to scare away evil spirits, not other trick or treaters.

I find it amazing that Halloween did not become the fun-filled night of debaucherous deities until Americans got hold of it, and twisted age-old traditions into a party.

Well ... that's not entirely true. The act of giving candy actually came out of attempts to end the Halloween event by the Catholic Church. Yes folks, All Saints day was an invention by the church to pull those nasty pagans away from their October 31st ritual. It is no surprise that All Saints day is on November first.

The original act of giving was for those living to give gifts to their dead ancestors.

I could go on forever on this, and other holidays but instead I'll leave those wanting more to this site:

Halloween on the History Channel

For those that don't wrapped around the axle on all the secret history surrounding everything like I do, have a great Halloween, and remember to honor all those saints tomorrow.